How much does e-learning cost? A good analysis

Online payment services?  Open source webs? or … free social learning environments? You decide.

Implementing an e-learning platform for our school has a highly variable cost, which will depend on the availables functionalities and the amount of accounts that we manage. There is much talk about “open source” platforms, presented as the cheapest option because it is not necessary to pay any license. However, implementation and commissioning of an open source platform requires training which is not always available in all schools.
moodle logoFor example, for the installation of Moodle(open source platform par excellence), you must have your own server (about 1000€) with a quality Internet connection, install the application by a qualified technician (500€ ), system maintenance and a training course. There are companies that can install and maintain the platform for 200 € per month. So can we, to spare the technical and training but the time it takes will depend on our previous training.On the other hand, we can hire the services of online platforms that do not require us to have a server. Among them we find Clickedu, in addition to an LMS offers management services for a single premium of 3000€, or the famous Edu2.0, which for 30 eurocents per student gives us access to a wide range of services. Edu2.0 also has a free trial, but only for a short time. The downside of these platforms is that they are only vertical, not allowing interaction with other schools and cutting off the possibility of carrying out social learning.

redAlumnosLast but not least we have the option of using a free social learning environment like redAlumnos. Thus, we have a wide range of features, accessible from any computer with internet connection, an unlimited ammout  of accounts for teachers, students and parents, groups and social profiles, public library accessible to all and free online support.The choice is only yours, but remember that not always the most expensive is best.

See you in redAlumnos!


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